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Sabine Grangé is a fashion designer, involved and concerned with the environment. She seeks to give a new life to her objects and materials thus attributing them new functions. Her approach is inspired by the art of recovery, of processing and of miscegenation of different materials.

All the steps, from design to manufacture are made with a concern for accuracy and environmental commitment.

Sabine Grangé nourishes her imagination with her travels, her meetings, and her vision of our society. The use of natural materials and colors is her first source of inspiration. She brings them to life through the traditional technique of knitting according to her wishes. The unique features of the leather and the stitch are the result of her dedication, and her sophisticated work. The fashion accessories are functional and useful.

All the items of the collections are unique. Sabine Grangé manufactures them herself with care and patience, all limited editions.

Hence each product has that particular originality linked to making crafts.


Atelier Showroom

3 route de la FORGE, Kermebel – 29630 PLOUGASNOU

mail : contact@sabine-accessoires.comAtelier Showroom

tel : 0033 (+) 663101863