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This gallery shows you the all current collections of Sabine Grangé – Paris. References of products and prices are given to you, so that the orders are easier to realise. (Prices do not include the costs of delivery). If a product catches your attention, send an email to the designer with a detailed description of the product you want to order: – the reference of the product color leather / mesh, lining basin, you’re looking for

Collection ‘Metropolitan’

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If the product isn’t in stock, the delivery time will be from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the product. As products are made with recycled materials and in small series, the product may change from the picture (especially on the nuances of color, leathery, knitting …)

Gamme de couleurs / Colors Ranges

The different series of products are realised in various shades.

The small leather goods are available in five color shades (leather). Black / gray / purple / orange / blue

The bags are declined in 4 colorful shades (leather). Black / brown / gray / navy blue

If you want a particular color, please specify it when you place your order.

Depending on your tastes, the designer can make custom-made orders.

Ex: You would like to have the “Belleville” bag but with a bright color … Leather: Purple ; mesh: orange ; lining: pearl gray ; zip: orange

Special Orders :

The designer also offers to realise the bag of your dreams. Once discussed about this one, the designer will suggest a quote to you. Then will begin the work of conception (graphical searches), and of realisation (prototype and realisation of the product). >>> Conditions of the online sales can be asked to the designer. (click on “envoi mail”)